The Pathway to Hell

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Dawn looked at the bed, where the top lay covered in tomato sauce from the pizza she had eaten for supper. Stain might come out… she shrugged.

The path to hell

Giles, who had popped his head out to see what was happening went back into his own study and pointedly shut the door on the noise. Buffy had been in a foul mood since her return from Rome. Andrew had played far too many jokes on her to try and cheer her up; they had all backfired, leaving Buffy more bitchy than usual.

Andrew wondered if he should tell her that Spike was alive, but the blond vampire had asked them, no, made them, promise not to. Never mind: it was for the best, he thought. Xander ignored the noise completely. Yeh, sure Buffy had been upset when it first happened, but two months later did she still have to be moping around looking miserable?

Maybe Willow could do a spell to cheer Buffy up, Willow was good at spells now, making people think the way she thought they should. It would be for the best. Willow baked cookies, she did every day when Buffy started shouting. She felt bad for her friend, but really, all this fuss over a vampire. Tried to destroy the world, but Tara had been her soul mate, and she had been just killed for no reason. She would look into that spell Xander asked for, just to cheer Buffy up a bit: it would be for the best.

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Buffy knew she was still in a bad mood, but no-one seemed to care. When she lost the baby they had all seemed glad, glad because the child was a half breed, but it was her child as well. The attack while she was on patrol had almost been orchestrated, as though someone had known that she was going to be alone in the graveyard. Dawnie was happy living in Rome with her boyfriend, some guy by the name of The Immortal, but when she came to London it was like she had never left. She expected Buffy to provide everything, she had never forgiven Spike for the bathroom incident, she had only ever believed Xander, never Buffy.

Doom 95- The pathway to Hell

From when they had thrown Buffy out of her home in Sunnydale just before the final battle, things had never been the same. They had lost the closeness they once had. They had news from LA. Spike was alive. Giles and Willow pushed her further and further away from the centre of things and she was now just another slayer, but the final straw for Buffy was when no-one had told her Spike had been back.

It was for the best, they said. She just wanted her privacy. Her room was always being invaded, her diary read, her stuff gone through. She had nothing and no-one.


She had photocopied it secretly and stashed it inside Mr Gordo. Then That Day happened. And worst of all, his seam had been ripped open and the photo was missing. Perhaps we could cast a simple spell? Something to make her feel better? And they were going to use magic to make her change her mind? It all relied on Spike and he was in L. He might be able to get through to Buffy, to help her feel better.

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Buffy spent two whole days in her room, using the small en-suite, and no-one noticed. Slayers went out on patrol and came back. Dawn went out with her honey, and came back.

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Xander never came near her, even Willow left her alone: she had her peace. Buffy wrote a letter to Giles.

She would post it tomorrow then put her plan into action. I have been a slayer for nearly ten years, giving up everything including my life. When I finally get to heaven, Willow, you drag me out again. Now you ignore me, and search my room, taking what little I have away from me, giving me no freedom or privacy. I have become your slave, your subject, not even permitted to feel free will. You would not even give me the dignity of allowing me to mourn the loss of my lover, you made it clear how grateful you were that he was out of my life.

My room is sealed.

I can leave here but nothing and no one can get in to me without an invite. And you and your magic will never get that invitation. So this is goodbye. By the time you get it I will be dead and there is no way you can bring me back. This is for the best. She took out the bottle of Jack Daniels she had bought.

She had to make it JD in his honour. It always reminded Buffy of him. There was no Spike smell here, none of the amazing male muskiness that was purely him, but everything else was there. His precious whisky, fags, leather… and now to sleep for ever. Buffy prayed harder than she ever had in her life. Buffy opened her purse. There was a vial of carefully brewed poison. It was based on the stuff Giles had used against her for the Crucetarium. It worked against Slayers. She had managed to persuade a witch to brew it for her; it had taken days, and cost a fortune.

Delighted at the thought of bringing down a slayer, the slayer, the heroine that saved the world. That was what everyone knew now, that it had been Faith who had led the slayers to their great victory in Sunnydale. Quickly swallowing it down, balking at the taste, Buffy surrounded herself with the only things that gave her any comfort any more.


Pathway to hell : a tragedy of the American Civil War in SearchWorks catalog

The scents that reminded her of him. Her breath became shallow and finally stopped. November 14, A Muslim lawyer has launched an extraordinary rant against Christmas, branding the celebration 'evil'. Hate preacher Anjem Choudary claimed the festival was the 'pathway to hell' and urged his followers to boycott it.

It's such a backwards take on things.

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In the past he has demanded the execution of the Pope, organised mass demonstrations against the publication of cartoons which allegedly insulted Mohammed and urged Muslims to have more babies to take over the UK. Choudary's comments about Christmas come as councils were told by ministers to focus more strongly on tackling violent extremists In speeches in London, both Communities Secretary Hazel Blears and Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said there needed to be a greater emphasis on 'confronting' the 'sharper end' of militant ideology, including directly targeting extremist leaders.

The Pathway to Hell The Pathway to Hell
The Pathway to Hell The Pathway to Hell
The Pathway to Hell The Pathway to Hell
The Pathway to Hell The Pathway to Hell
The Pathway to Hell The Pathway to Hell

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