The Divine Romance (Inspirational S)

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Comment Your Name. Your Comment. Cancel Comment. Sep 21 What a wonderful God-man Savior.

The Divine Romance

Aug 25 Steven Grand Fork, North Dakota. Living inseparable as one couple eternally!! Jan 21 Nov 20 Bernadette S. Jun 25 Michelle Adelaide, South Australia, Australia. Beautiful hymn.

So Cool. May 11 I am stirred up inside out. S inspiring. Christ is irresistibly lovely. Mar 28 Jay Ar Quirino, Philippines. How great this is, so I will love it forever. Feb 18 We inseparable from His love. Lord Jesus! Feb 15 Rita Kampala, Uganda. Dec 30 Category: Experience of Christ.

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Subcategory: Loving Him. Lyrics: H.

And so the stage was set for another career of reconciled contraries: the tactile, smelly, thoroughly physical process of copper-engraving and the more elusive mental activity of making poems. As a thinker, Blake was influenced by Emmanuel Swedenborg , the Swedish scientist, inventor, philosopher and theologian who was, perhaps, the supreme genius of contraries.

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Coincidentally no doubt , the poet's birth-year, was the very year predicted by Swedenborg for Christ's Second Coming. He was another visionary, who claimed to have visited Heaven where he had met the souls of Jews, Muslims and pagans as well as Christians. Fundamental to his religious teaching was the belief that the love of God and one's neighbour mattered more than creed. He also claimed that everything in the natural world had a spiritual counterpart. Ultimately, Blake rejected Swedenborg's teaching, and moved on to a philosophy of cycles, embodied in the alternating rule of the Prolific and the Devourer.

These opposing titans he considered to be the essential elements of existence, and were never to be reconciled. So Blake's idealism is no simple, reformist matter: it encompasses moral paradox, or, as we might call it these days, relativism. His Songs of Experience were intended to be satires on the Songs of Innocence — a series which had begun as a chapbook of images entitled For Children: the Gates of Paradise.

At first separate publications, the collections were finally combined as Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience Shewing the Two Contrary States of the Human Soul, with the Songs of Experience engraved, literally, on the back of the Songs of Innocence. But the effect of Experience on Innocence is less one of mockery than moral complication.

The Divine Image parcels its Swedenborgian, Christ-based theology in a reassuring, child-friendly sermon built of familiar analogies God the benign father, man his cared-for child and mantra-like repetitions: "Mercy, Pity, Peace and Love.

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The poem has its own subtle nuances, grounded in human anatomy. Mercy and Pity are interestingly distinguished, Pity being represented by the face, Mercy, more potently, by the heart.

If Love is "the human form divine", what is the "human dress" that represents Peace? Again, it seems to be the outward element, the "face" rather than the "heart".

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Blake is imagining human skin, perhaps swathed in the gently flowing robes he so lovingly depicted in his engravings. That the human may embody the divine is not a startling heresy: it is fundamental to Christian teaching.

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But the idea that prayers are directed to this human form, rather than God, is radical. And it marks the sharpest point of conflict between The Divine Image and The Human Image — a poem less sanguine about the intrinsic goodness, let alone the divinity, of human nature. Blake clips the comfortably expansive four-beat line of The Divine Image to a mean three, though he allows himself an extra stanza in which to develop his parable.

The Divine Romance (Inspirational S) The Divine Romance (Inspirational S)
The Divine Romance (Inspirational S) The Divine Romance (Inspirational S)
The Divine Romance (Inspirational S) The Divine Romance (Inspirational S)
The Divine Romance (Inspirational S) The Divine Romance (Inspirational S)
The Divine Romance (Inspirational S) The Divine Romance (Inspirational S)

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