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The reason: both Myers and the colonel had started their careers as market grafters. Myers was also was behind a landmark court case that stopped music publishers exploiting artists. Elton John was one of many who benefited from that. And then, after playing a part in the careers of so many Sixties and Seventies superstars, and nearly wooing Stevie Wonder away from Motown, he moved presciently to form GTO Records , the company which signed Donna Summer and Billy Ocean and was at the heart of the New York disco boom.

But even the accountancy had its memorable moments, particularly in hindsight. Such as when he tried advising Mick Jagger on pensions. So, when I meet Myers for a coffee, which ends up lasting nearly two hours, I ask the still youthfully vivacious, still mischievous, year-old, why it has taken him so long to write his memoir. Who knew? Is a running theme of much of my chat with Myers.

One of his many asides in speaking of the social changes since the Sixties and now is that banks used to return used cheques with your bank statements. Can you imagine what they would be worth now. Bowie… Myers has a lot of golden memories about the legend he signed because he recognised after Space Oddity that here was a great songwriter.

We got on very well, one of the reasons was our shared admiration for Anthony Newley. But I went to see him on stage. He was simply terrible on stage. No energy, no dynamism. It was Angie who wanted to change his then manager which led to me signing him.. She had the drive. Her contribution to his success is still really underrated. Myers and Angie still know each other, and she says now: Laurence took a big chance on David when the record business was not interested in him.

Myers can vividly recall when the couple came to see him. He had just released an album The Man Who Sold the World with him, blond-wigged, on a chaise-lounge in a dress on the cover.

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The received wisdom then was that young girls bought records and they might not go for this. I raised the androgyny with him. At the time the Bowies were living at Haddon Hall in Kent in an extreme lifestyle that involved many drugs and many sexual partners of both sexes. A beaming Myers showed them round his home, hoping to impress with his middle-class solidity. It was all very John Lewis. I was fine with it.

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I had a wife and three kids. I was in the office at 9 every morning. I was very solid. But he repaid me by leaving burn marks on our carpet where he had made little fires, no doubt to warm spoons for eating soup. But though the Ziggy album had been released, it was still before the real explosion in Bowie popularity. I asked Myers if he had regrets about that. But I did learn a lesson.

We talk about how — unimaginable to parents now — children were allowed back then to go out and play all day, without their mothers even knowing or worrying about where they were. The Astoria later became the Rainbow, a key rock venue, where I myself saw Bowie perform at the start of his Ziggy phase. Myers and Sixties pop producer Mickie Most went to see Arden to make the not unreasonable request that Arden actually pay their clients The Animals what he owed them.

Arden got hold of the waste paper bin and hurled it out the window. And so does McCartney. And yes he could be a bully in business dealings. He taught me a huge amount. He was very kind to me and my family. Our families were close. Two vignettes concerning Klein illuminate the book. In the first, Klein told Myers he wanted to take him out to dinner as a thank you, and Myers should choose the restaurant. He did, an expensive dinner dance establishment, Les Ambassadeurs , off Park Lane. Yes, dinner dances once upon a time were a thing.

Like something out of a Larry David sitcom, both Myers and Klein tried to avoid paying at the end. So, Myers went to the loo, but when he returned the Kleins were still on the floor, so Myers reluctantly settled the bill.

Myers also paints the picture of how he and Klein helped artists out of their Draconian recording contracts. They all said the rehearsed words which made Decca cave in and make major alterations to the deal. The contracts were not changed when records began to be manufactured with more durable vinyl. All recording costs were deducted out of the pitiful royalties that were paid, even if the record companies used their in-house studios.

And so it went on. So the superstars back then were nowhere near as wealthy as we might believe. Myers relates a graphic example of this. And so we bought the gift and Stevie came to see me.

STONES (Watch or See? Book 2) STONES (Watch or See? Book 2)
STONES (Watch or See? Book 2) STONES (Watch or See? Book 2)
STONES (Watch or See? Book 2) STONES (Watch or See? Book 2)
STONES (Watch or See? Book 2) STONES (Watch or See? Book 2)
STONES (Watch or See? Book 2) STONES (Watch or See? Book 2)
STONES (Watch or See? Book 2) STONES (Watch or See? Book 2)
STONES (Watch or See? Book 2) STONES (Watch or See? Book 2)
STONES (Watch or See? Book 2) STONES (Watch or See? Book 2)
STONES (Watch or See? Book 2)

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