Soul Mates: The Circle

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    9 Signs You've Found Your Soulmate (If You Believe In That Sort Of Thing)

    Footie Pajamas. Women's Pajama Sets. Shot Glasses. Drinking Glasses. Notify me of new posts via email. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. I love you not only for what you have made of yourself but for what you are making of me. I love you for the part of me that you bring out. We know that our spirit guides are there helping us to plan and complete the challenges we set forth for ourselves and The Council of Elders give us priceless wisdom and insight into our journey as well. But perhaps the most important souls on our evolutionary journey are those that are growing with us through numerous incarnations.

    If you ever felt upon meeting someone for the first time that you seemed to have known them forever, you know what this means. This is known as our soul group. It is those entities that we will choose to live our physical lifetimes with over and over. And because of the karmas that will be formed over these incarnations , we will continue to come into physical form together until we work things through. This is where we will take on different roles and situations in order to balance out our experiences.

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    For instance, your spouse in this lifetime may have been your brother or sister in a previous lifetime and before that your mother or father. This way we can get the full experience of many different roles and balance out any karma that exists between yourself and them. You will choose different genders, races, and social statuses along the way.

    Those that are in your soul group are not necessarily evolving at the same pace as you. Nothing is wrong with either situation, but this does cause some souls to move around in groups in order to keep their study amongst souls that are similar. So you may have several soul groups that you are a part of and there will be certain souls that you are closer with than others.

    These are known as kindred souls. You know who these souls are because you have a special bond with them. Close friends, spouses or family members are probably kindred souls. They share many of the same values and personality traits as you and you feel like you have always known them. Because of the karma that is formed between you and them, there may be situations that force you to work out your situations even if it means those experiences are tough. You form a contract with those souls before you came into physical form in order to do just that.

    When you finally return back to the spiritual planes , you will be able to see the full perspective from previous lifetimes and will know that your situations were created so that you could work out those karmas. Kindred Souls are often confused with soul mates. The romantic idea that we are here to find our soul mate and spend the rest of our lives with them is not really what soul mates are for. Certainly, we do have romantic partners that are kindred souls, but soul mates are another type of soul altogether.

    Soul Mates: The Circle Soul Mates: The Circle
    Soul Mates: The Circle Soul Mates: The Circle
    Soul Mates: The Circle Soul Mates: The Circle
    Soul Mates: The Circle Soul Mates: The Circle
    Soul Mates: The Circle Soul Mates: The Circle
    Soul Mates: The Circle Soul Mates: The Circle
    Soul Mates: The Circle Soul Mates: The Circle

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