Shaman King, Vol. 28: A Good Woman

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Every shaman in the world is vying to be the Shaman King! R to L Japanese Style. To escape they must reach the level of the five warriors. If they succeed, they will possess the power of the Five High Spirits. B Every shaman in the world is vying to be the Shaman King! But if one of them fails, they will all remain trapped in Hell for eternity! Get A Copy.

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Manta Oyamada. Yoh Asakura.

Anna Kyoyama. Wooden Sword Ryu. Ren Tao. Jun Tao. Tamao Tamamura. Lee Bailong. Faust VIII. Spirit of Fire. Faust the VIII. Mic the Jaguar. Yohmei Asakura.

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Lhotse is the fourth highest mountain in the world at 8, metres, after Mount Everest, K2, and Kangchenjunga. Part of the Everest massif, Lhotse is connected to the latter peak via the South Col. From this Article. Reincarnation When Manta Oyamada , a middle-school student from Tokyo finds a shaman, Yoh Asakura , playing with ghosts in a graveyard, he hopes to learn more about him. However, Manta is attacked by a gang commanded by "Wooden Sword" Ryu and is saved by Yoh after he merges his soul with the spirit of an ancient samurai named Amidamaru.

Noting Amidamaru's strength, Yoh gives him his original sword, Harusame, so that Amidamaru accepts his request to become his partner. However, as they try to find more allies, they only attract the attention of the shaman Ren Tao , whose current partner is Bason, a Chinese warrior; when Yoh refuses to allow Ren to take Amidamaru to aid him in becoming the "Shaman King", the two young shamans engage in a fight against each other.

As Yoh recovers from his previous fight, he remembers that the Shaman Kings were saviors from the world who merged with the "Great Spirit. As he endures Anna's brutal regimen, Yoh is confronted by Jun Tao , Ren's older sister, and her jiangshi , a former kung fu movie star named Lee Pyron. Having no weapons that Amidamaru is able to use, Yoh is overpowered by Pyron until Manta gives him Ryu's bokken. However, freeing Pyron from Jun's spell causes Pyron to go berserk when he realizes he was murdered by the Tao family and attacks Jun. To stop Bailong, Anna summons the spirit from Bailong's teacher, Shamon, to merge it with Yoh, who manages to defeat Pyron.

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After recovering his senses, Pyron decides to stay with Jun, but without having his mind controlled. When the spirit of a bandit named Tokagero possesses Ryu, he steals Harusame and takes Manta hostage in order to get revenge on Amidamaru, who killed Tokagero long ago. Upon arriving at Yoh and Anna's house, he confronts Amidamaru, who decides to destroy Harusame to protect his new friends despite the fact that his friend Mosuke had originally forged the sword for Amidamaru; when Ryu's body collapses from the strain of being possessed, Yoh allows Tokagero to possess him in order to save Ryu.

Shaman King, Vol. 28

Unable to kill Yoh as his trust reminds Tokagero of how his mother once trusted him, Tokagero spares Yoh and flees; the next day, Ryu apologizes to Yoh and Amidamaru for what he did, and agrees to be possessed by Mosuke when Anna summons him to fix Harusame. However, Yoh is unable to hit Silva, who uses his spiritual energy to combine his various animal spirits to combine with objects to create weapons in a technique named Oversoul; when Yoh manages to create an Oversoul by merging Amidamaru with the Harusame, he lands a hit on Silva and qualifies for the tournament.

Yoh is soon forced to face his first opponent, an Ainu shaman Horohoro , who channels his spirit, a Koro-pok-guru named Kororo , with his snowboard to make ice attacks, and dreams of becoming Shaman King in order to plant a vast field of Butterbur for the Koro-pok-guru. Yoh is able to counterattack all of Horohoro's attacks, winning the fight when Horohoro exhausts his furyoku. The opponents become friends afterward, knowing that Horohoro can still continue fighting in the tournament.

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At a cemetery , Yoh meets Faust, who wants to become the Shaman King to revive his wife Eliza ; when Faust attacks Manta out of morbid curiosity regarding Manta's stature, an enraged Yoh is forced to fight off Faust's skeletons. Exhausted from wasting furyoku from fighting the skeletons, Yoh is quickly surpassed by Faust's true Oversoul - a phantom Eliza formed from her bones. When Yoh's Oversoul disappears, he loses the fight against Faust. When Manta finds Yoh in the hospital, Yoh breaks off their friendship because of what occurred during the fight and leaves for Izumo with Anna and Amidamaru to consult his grandfather Yohmei on how to become strong enough to beat his next opponent, Ren.

At Yohmei's suggestion, Yoh enters the Yomi Cave, where he must walk for ten days in the darkness. Meanwhile, Manta finds Ryu and the two set off to find Yoh; when they arrive in Izumo, they are confronted by an Asakura disciple, Tamao Tamamura , and her spirits, Ponchi and Conchi , when Tamao's divinations suggested that Manta and Ryu are threats to Yoh. However, Anna stops her and reveals that Ponchi and Conchi foiled the predictions, before taking them to meet Yoh; when Yoh finally emerges from the Yomi Cave, his Oversoul has become stronger.

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Yoh returns to Tokyo for his third fight from the Shaman Fight, where he battles against Ren. Though Ren is a ferocious opponent after merging Bason with his kwan dao to form an Oversoul, his attacks are ineffective against Yoh's ability to use Amidamaru's fighting experience; when Yoh takes the upper hand, Ren expands his Oversoul to overpower Yoh, whose composure allows him to avoid all of Ren's attacks despite being weakened by every hit. Ren's anger causes him to exhaust his furyoku, finally presenting Yoh an opportunity to strike back.

Yoh and Ren's battle concludes when their Oversouls fade at the same time, allowing both Ren and Yoh pass the preliminary rounds of the Shaman Fight.

Shaman King, Vol. 28: A Good Woman Shaman King, Vol. 28: A Good Woman
Shaman King, Vol. 28: A Good Woman Shaman King, Vol. 28: A Good Woman
Shaman King, Vol. 28: A Good Woman Shaman King, Vol. 28: A Good Woman
Shaman King, Vol. 28: A Good Woman Shaman King, Vol. 28: A Good Woman
Shaman King, Vol. 28: A Good Woman Shaman King, Vol. 28: A Good Woman
Shaman King, Vol. 28: A Good Woman Shaman King, Vol. 28: A Good Woman
Shaman King, Vol. 28: A Good Woman Shaman King, Vol. 28: A Good Woman
Shaman King, Vol. 28: A Good Woman Shaman King, Vol. 28: A Good Woman

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