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Other Databases. Legal Marketing. The principal object of this invention is the provision of a tool of the character described which is especially adapted for removing a fishhoo-k which a fish has swallowed to an extent such as to make access thereto ditlicult.

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In many instances the hook may become set so far down inside the fishs mouth that it is difficult even to see, and more diificult to reach and manipulate with ordinary removing tools. To this end, ancillary objects of the invention are the provision of a fishhook removing tool including a hook gripping device mounted at one end of a'slender shank so that the device may be inserted conveniently and deeply into the fishs mouth, the provision of means whereby the gripping device may be operated remotely from the gripping jaws, the provision of a gripping device which is specially formed to find and engage a hook even though the hook is not visible, and the provision of means indicating positively to the operator that the gripping device has engaged the hook.

Other objects are simplicity and economy of construction, efiiciency and dependability of operation, andadaptability for gripping and manipulating objects other than fishhooks. With these objects in view, as well as other objects which appear in the course of the specification, reference will be had to the drawing, wherein:.

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Like reference numerals apply to similar parts throughout the several views, and the numeral 2 applies to a handle in which is fixed one end of a slender, elongated shank '4 having an enlarged head 6 at its outer end. Shank 4 is formed by a pair of planar, parallel, spaced apart side plates 8 both fixed in handle 2, and head 6 is formed by identically shaped wider end portions '10 of said side plates.

The head portions 10 each have a notch 12 formed inwardly from the outer end thereof, the side walls of said notches being parallel, and spaced apart a distance slightly greater than the thickness of the wire of the largest fishhook on which the tool is to be used. The ends of members 10, at each side of notches 12, are bevelled as indicated at 14 to provide a widely flared tapering entry to notches Head 6 constitutes the fixed jaw of a clamping device. A movable jaw member is disposed slidably between side plate portions 10, being pivoted thereto by means of a rivet '18 extending between and connecting portions 10, said rivet being disposed adjacent the end of head 6 opposite from notches 1'2, but in alignment with said notches.

Adjacent the base of notch 20, a side wall thereof is bevelled to provide a side notch 22, so that the base portion of the notch is taperingly enlarged. At the open end of notch 20, the same wall thereof in which side notch 22 is formed is bevelled as at 24 to provide a flared entry to notch Integral with jaw member 16 is a handle lever 26 which extends rearwardly between side plates 8 of shank 4 to a point adjacent handle 2.

A circular thumb-piece 28 is welded or otherwise fixed to the rearward end of said lever and normally lies against one side of shank 4 as in FIGS. In use, the tool is first positioned as in FIG. It will be seen that in. The widely flaredentry to notches 12 provided by bevelled edges 14 of the head greatly facilitates guiding the tool notches 12 over the hook even when the hook is difficult or impossible to see clearly.

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Knoches Law Knoches Law
Knoches Law Knoches Law
Knoches Law Knoches Law
Knoches Law Knoches Law
Knoches Law Knoches Law
Knoches Law Knoches Law
Knoches Law Knoches Law
Knoches Law Knoches Law

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