Imperfect Resolution (The Cups Drayton Series Book 3)

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The Year of the Pitcher, but …

Cornwall, the old name, i. Councils General. Our Bishops wont to go to them in some number. Mow their decrees bound us viii. Counties of Lancaster, Durham, and others, when began xi. County Court Courts of the Welsh Princes ix. Coventry freed of impost by Godiva riding through it naked, xiii. Coway stakes Crests, their beginnings Crotjgetl, why we use the name to the Welsh Crowns and Diadems Cymbrica Chersonesus viii. Danes and Dangelt, against the re- ceived opir Danes murdt red over all England in one day, xii. Their g ment here, ibid. Defender of the Faith, win how received to the Royal ti xvii..

Dewy St. Diana Arduenna Druids, theii. Dusii apud D. Augustinum v. Dutch, whence Outrun tCIivjijU x. Eagle's prophecies ii. Edgar roivcd over Dee by viii. Kings x. Edgar, xii. Edmund St. Edward St. One at Coway stakes w th Julius teesar, by authority of Polysenus, i. Englishmen called Inclins viii. Famine and Pestilenc xi. Fortunate Isles, and a Donatio 71 from the Pope by that name how interprt U d Fountain ebbing and flowing oppo- sitt 'y to the sea's course French, custom at birth of the Daul- phin Frenchman, a name heretofore for ad Aliens Froome, in old Saxon fair iii.

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Galfredus Monumethensis, cor- rect us Gaul taught the British Lawyers vi. Generation, how much that time anciently comprehended Genius to every Country George St. Germans, their quality Greek, if used among the old Cauls and Britons Hardin I Hawthorn, blossoming on Christmas- day, as report wanders ; bat the truth is, that it blotsometh indeed in winter, not observing any ticular day, no more than the Wal- nut-tree in the Abbey observes S. Barnabie's [although that goes for truth in report also..

Heil, a Saxon god Hel, what in Punic Helen, mother to Constantine the Great Henry VIII. Heptarchy of the Saxons, chrono- logically disposed Hide of land Hills before Noah's Flood ix. Histories, which most, and how, to be respected Homage to Edgar by viii. Homage, unmannerly Homer, what part of the world he knew Hours Planetary H umber Huntingdon's Story and Epigrams xii. Jehan le Breton amende, viii. Ingulphus emendat us Johannes Buttadeus, et Josephus Jhartophylaceus. Vide Assue- rum.

John's King actions Joseph of Arimathea Joseph Ncaliger Ireland anciently a Seminary of Learning Irish Saints Isis' hair Isles, newly out of the sea, ii. Isles, of them Britain the greatest x. Julis Hoif, built by whom, x. Jutland, how named of old viii. Kent and Christendom Kentish men's prerogatives and liber- ties King's Evil Ladies sat not with kniyhts, but in a several conclave Laws of Molmutius, viii.

Laws of Howel Dha Laws, Roman, used in this dole, against common assertion, viii.. Laws made in General Councils, how tin y bound us Learning, among the Briions very ancient Lent, institution of it, and tin xi.

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Leopards, the Coat of England xi. Ley, divided into ' iig Alfred Limen in Sussex, where note xviii. Lisbon derived vi. London, derived, viii. London, once an Archbishopric viii. Ludwal end Howel the same viii. Luther, written against by K. VIII xvii. Madoc, about pears since dis- covered part of the West Indies ix. Main- Amber Malmesburiensis emendatus viii. Man, the name of that Isle mistook by Polydore and Boethilis ; and of it more Marches of Wales, and LL. Mares, conceiving of the wind vi.

Marsilles built Paris ribi restilutus xvii. Merc and Mercury Michael's Mount Mistletoe, how sacred among the Druids ix. Monks of old and later U Morgain le Fay Music of the Welsh, iv.

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Names, proper, of like signification in several tongues.. Names, very different inform, spoken in different tongues Names of Kings national, viii. Names of Cities from Goddesses viii. Nations that came in with the Saxons Navy of sh ips New Forest made by Will. Norman Conquest, rightful or other- wise North- Wales, the chief of Wales. Oak, used by the Druids, and to crown the infernal deities, ix. Ockey Hole, see Wockey.


Offa's Dike Osteomantie, or Divination by bones v. Oxford University, iii. Oxford's Antiquity Palatine Earls University ' ted, vi. Parthians, whence natned iv. Piers Plowman Poets, see British. Prediction by a bone of a shoulder of mutton Prophecy of the name of Britain v. Prophecy of Britain by a Sibyl viii. Recovery of lands upon title before the Conquest Red Sea, uhy so called Rivers, divers of the same name in Wales, and so in England vi.

Rivers running through others un- mixed Rivers running under the earth xvii. Robert of Swaphain's Story an- swered Robert Duke oj Normandy xvii. Rollo of Normandy, iv. Roman Story for this Isle, vi. Roses, White and Red in the factions of York and Lancaster xvii.

Rother, the liiver in Sussex xviii. Round Table Knights Ruan, years of age Sagaris, a weapon Sajjque Law iv. Salisbury Church built Salomon's physics suppressed by Ezekias Sainantei and Semni L, Sangluc in Battell Saturn bound in chains in some Horthem Isle, and narration of other matters touching the inhabi- tants Satyrs, whence so named Saxons, why so called, thdr first coming, and the cause, against com- mon opinion Sceptre, first in Henry III.

Scots, their name from Scythians, and these from shooting viii. Scythians, their worth Seals first in England Sepulchre of Christ.


Shaftesbury called S. Edward's ii. Sheep, clotlied to save their u-ool vii. Shires, when first England was di- vided into Shires, their number Shrew, that name applied to the quieter sex Sicily, whence named Solent Sea Spot's History suspicious, xviii. Stamford University Statute of Marlbridge amended Nvi. Sterling, whence called xvii. Stone, whereon our Kings art crowned Stuarts, their name Sun's declination Taliessin Ben Beirdh Tenure per sergeant iam capiendi Lupos Testament of Will.

Thames, his course and flood from the Ocean Thomas de la More emendatus iv. Tithes, paid by the Heathens ix.

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Tithes and First-fruits, by a Ca- balistic accompt tlie same Tithes of Time in Lent Tours, built Trinoda Necessitas, in old Charters xi. Tuisco, the same as Aschenaz, and Author of the Dutch Tame of the Shrife Verlam xvi. Vice-comes and Vice-dominus Virgins, consecrate to chastity in the Semes Villeins in England before the Con- quest xviii.

Imperfect Resolution (The Cups Drayton Series Book 3) Imperfect Resolution (The Cups Drayton Series Book 3)
Imperfect Resolution (The Cups Drayton Series Book 3) Imperfect Resolution (The Cups Drayton Series Book 3)
Imperfect Resolution (The Cups Drayton Series Book 3) Imperfect Resolution (The Cups Drayton Series Book 3)
Imperfect Resolution (The Cups Drayton Series Book 3) Imperfect Resolution (The Cups Drayton Series Book 3)
Imperfect Resolution (The Cups Drayton Series Book 3) Imperfect Resolution (The Cups Drayton Series Book 3)
Imperfect Resolution (The Cups Drayton Series Book 3) Imperfect Resolution (The Cups Drayton Series Book 3)
Imperfect Resolution (The Cups Drayton Series Book 3) Imperfect Resolution (The Cups Drayton Series Book 3)

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