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I begged God to take me. My Rheumatologist then took me off the Remicade and started me on Rituxan still taking methotrexate. This drug works! Thank God. I felt that Rituxan saved my life. I still take the 8 methotrexate pills every Wednesday, but I only go in every six months for my Rituxan IV. I have a friend that has RA and she will not take these meds because she is afraid of the side effects. If anyone out there has any doubts about Rituxan, please, please reconsider, because it really has helped me considerably.

I feel strong again, I feel very little or no pain and I have a new outlook on life. I have a life now. Comment by Carmen — March 16, Hi…loved ur blog…ist dx was RA changed about 5 yrs ago to Psoratic arthritis. I have had it for about 40 years. The differance, I was told, is where the autoimune part comes from. Hope you will feel better…bye. Comment by Marikay — April 13, So far my results have been that at the moment my risk of heart problems is the same as the general population — I hope it stays that way!! Comment by pollyannapenguin — April 13, Comment by pollyannapenguin — April 15, I read a few of the different blogs out there and it seemed like so many were so negative.

I am 57, was diagnosed with RA at 19, have had over 40 surgeries multiple replacements , walk about 2 miles a day now could not always , 2 sons, 2 granddaughters, awesome husband, supportive family, and have managed to keep on going. The second is acceptance. I have had many ups and downs through the years but seeing good in everything has also helped me get to where I am.


I live in TX and it is heartwarming to read about someone else who has found the magical secret that staying positive is a powerful medicine in its self. Comment by Candy — April 20, Hello Pollyanna, my husband is 34 and has had aggressive RA for a year now, which has turned our lives upside down. We have been looking for local support sites or just something that a young man with RA can relate to but there seems to be very little out there. Do you know of anything that sounds like it would be suitable? Take care and stay positive!

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Emma xx. Comment by emmaalice — November 24, I have to confess my blog has been let slide a bit lately — RA behaving itself and too much other stuff going on, which is good. There was a time though when I really felt RA was taking over my life and having the blog really helped. They might well be able to find a male volunteer to talk to him too. They also have various local support groups across the country — though they will be largely female, inevitably!

A British blog by a young man with RA would be great — in fact NRAS might even get him to write articles for their magazine, given the general lack of support around for men!

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Comment by pollyannapenguin — November 24, Hi BJ, and welcome to the exclusive club of RA sufferers! You really need to learn to pace yourself. Of course you hear about them — they can be grim and that makes them newsworthy! Comment by Polly — March 9, I live in a retirement comm.

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As you know, May is national Arthritis Awareness Month. The survey is open to anyone suffering from any form of arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Psoriatic arthritis, RA, gout, joint pain, lupus or other joint-related pain, illness or disability. The purpose is to get a better picture of how aware other people are when any number of family members, friends or co-workers have arthritis or a joint pain-related disease.

The twelve-question survey will help paint a picture between men and women coping with arthritis, and the level of support they receive on any given day. Please feel free to blog about the survey. Comment by John Sternal — April 12, We are interns at the Arthritis Foundation, Northern California Chapter and we are very impressed by the content of your blog.

We are doing a summer project in order to increase Arthritis awareness and advocacy. If you are willing to answer a few questions for us regarding your experience with Arthritis, please email us at afncintern gmail. Thanks so much for your time!

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  • Comment by Iliyana Gesheva — June 20, Thanks for the bright smile. Thank god for initials. I also have MS. I am waiting for the next initial disease to hit me. Hopefully they will remain blissfully unawakened. Thanks for the blog.

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    I truly like it. But the MS shots are sooooo expensive. Once again thank you.

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    Comment by Carole Beasley — December 12, Comment by pollyannapenguin — December 12, Pingback by Will I never learn? I work for JMGlass, a marketing company offering a variety of products benefitting those suffering from arthritis. I would love to partner with you to advertise our products on your blog, and possibly send you a complimentary giveaway.

    Please provide me with a contact email address. Comment by Ramona Joseph — March 20, Hi Ramona, thanks for your interest but that would be a no. Comment by pollyannapenguin — March 20, As a first step, we want to talk to people who have been diagnosed with the condition. Meanwhile, thanks for the very positive blog about RA. Comment by Anonymous — April 9, I wanted to get in touch because I think you might be interested in an interactive web page we are currently working on to raise awareness for RA.

    Because it is Arthritis Care Awareness Week very soon May , I believe this would go really well on your blog, and be of great interest to your readers. We have a teaser snippet of the infographic to give you a first viewing so let us know if you want us to send that over! You are more than welcome to embed this on your website as well.

    We hope you help us in raising awareness for RA and spread the word! Comment by Lucy — May 1, I work for a small UK company that manufactures a cooling bandage. We are receiving increasing feedback from RA suffers who are using our products to reduce inflammation and pain. Comment by Physicool physicool1 — July 30, Comment by April Wood — July 31, I replied to your email but have heard nothing back.

    Did you receive my message? Please get in touch ian physicool. Many thanks, Ian. Comment by Physicool physicool1 — September 23, Thank you — looking forward to trying it! Comment by pollyannapenguin — September 24, Just wanted to say hi. Congratulations on your blogger award! Comment by Emily — October 16, Hi Emily, thanks for you comment — I hope you enjoy reading the blog. Sorry to hear that you have aggressive RA and that it went undiagnosed for ten years! Love your photo gallery on your profile — especially the cat of course! Comment by pollyannapenguin — October 16, I hope this finds you well.

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    Thank you in advance for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing back from you. Comment by Maggie Danhakl — October 26, There is a decent chunk of people with RA who never, ever even have any RF show up in abnormal amounts. I have aggressive, disabling, severe RA.

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    My other labwork? Not normal. The RF? RF can show up abnormal in people who do not have RA, either. Comment by Emily — November 19, Comment by pollyannapenguin — November 19, I was only diagnosed 3 years ago. Every dr just brushed it off as pain from my depression, so it went undiagnosed and untreated for 10 years.

    Back when it started, it was mild. I wish they had caught it when it was mild, and started treatment, before it blew up in my face and got to where it is now. Even mild RA is pretty awful! Hi, I came across your blog, and thought you might be interested or know of someone who is interested in participating in a research study about managing daily living skills while living with RA.

    It has been developed by Occupational Therapists in Canada Edmonton, Alberta to be exact — there are a large number of RA sufferers in our Northern environment! Comment by Liz — November 20, Depression is definitely a double curse — once for just existing one another time for the effect it has on doctors of masking physical illness! I have a friend who nearly died from something as simple as gall stones because she also had depression and the docs had the same attitude as they did to you, Emily.

    It was only when the gall stones started to move and it turned into full-blown acute pancreatitis and she was admitted to hospital that anyone admitted there was a physical problem! Comment by pollyannapenguin — November 20, Thank you for all the work that you and your blog do for Rheumatoid patients. Feel free to email me directly at Rachael HealClick. Comment by Rachael — January 2, I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! Comment by April Wood — January 15, You can see our site at healthmonitor. Right now I am working on an article for the next issue of our Guide to RA.

    Call Me Pollyannah Call Me Pollyannah
    Call Me Pollyannah Call Me Pollyannah
    Call Me Pollyannah Call Me Pollyannah
    Call Me Pollyannah Call Me Pollyannah
    Call Me Pollyannah Call Me Pollyannah

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