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Still, it will bear watching depending on how the team fares in the first half of the season.

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One of the no-brainers is that the Raptors should lock up year-old Siakam to a large, long-term contract extension that would kick in at the start of the season. They have until Oct. Ownership would be wise to find a way to lock up president Ujiri on another long-term deal of his own. Copyright owned or licensed by Toronto Star Newspapers Limited.

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All rights reserved. To order copies of Toronto Star articles, please go to: www. Subscribe Now. And these five questions to answer: Who starts?

We’re all searching for something.

Who emerges? Get more sports in your inbox. Think of a response that will impress the employer, but that still comes off as an honest reason.

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Communication at a job interview should always come off positive. To start, you may talk about the great opportunities you've been given and how much you've learned through your current employer, before giving your reason.

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  • Employers like to hear things like this because you come off as professional and respectful of your existing employer even though you have made the decision to move on. Regardless of your real feelings and the situation at work, never bad mouth the company or your co-workers. There may be multiple reasons why you want to leave your current job , but you don't need to include information about what you're not being offered.

    The reason for this is because potential employers can interpret it as action you may take against them if hired. For example instead of saying, "I don't feel challenged at work anymore," re-frame the message to say, "I'm looking for new challenges in the area of X, Y, and Z, which I can see this job offers," and then go into the experience and skills you have to offer to further impress the interviewer.

    Re-framing your response in this manner makes it less likely that the employer will take the information and interpret it negatively.

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    Talk about what you're heading towards—what you want to experience and achieve to continue growing professionally. There was no answer to his knock, and by trying the knob he found that she had locked herself in. Synonyms for answer comment explanation feedback interpretation justification key observation rebuttal remark report resolution response result return sign solution statement acknowledgment antiphon close comeback cooler counterclaim crack defense disclosure echo elucidation guff lip plea refutation rejoinder repartee retort riposte topper vindication wisecrack Band-Aid back talk backcap parting shot pay dirt quick fix rhetorical question thank-you note the ticket MOST RELEVANT.

    He did apply, and at the end of a month, no answer had been returned to his communication.

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